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In regards to family life, Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler on December 14, 1780 at the Schuyler Mansion in Albany, New York. Hamilton called Elizabeth, also known as Eliza or Betsy, the “best of wives and best of women.” Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton had eight children together (two were named Philip). Here are his children: Philip (January 1782), Angelica (September 1784), James Alexander (April 1788), John Church (August 1792), Alexander (May 1796), William Stephen (August 1797), Eliza (November 1799), and Philip (June 1802). The eldest Philip was killed in a duel with George I. Eacker in 1801. James Alexander died at the age of 90 in September 1878. Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth died in 1854 and was an extremely religious woman. She “…spent much of her life working to help widows and orphans.” In fact, Elizabeth co-founded the New York Orphan Asylum Society which was New York’s first private orphanage. After Alexander’s death, Elizabeth sold the Grange, the house that they had worked on together from 1800-1802. Although her husband had an affair with Maria Reynolds, Elizabeth stayed with Alexander and they were close. As a widow, Mrs. Hamilton always protected her husband’s reputation and was always looking to improve his standing in American history. Hear some 18th century music that the family would have heard.